New York No.003

The third #breakfast club brought together another hungry horde of artists, this time in the loving folds of Morgenstern’s ice cream parlor on Rivington Street, run by sweet treat aficionado Nick Rivington. For the last month, the parlor has played host to a daily ‘Brutal Breakfast’, teaming up with newborn art-food magazine Brutal. Drawing up an inventive breakfast that incorporates his famous ice cream flavors with breakfast classics, all proceeds from the Brutal Breakfast will go towards funding the second edition of this decidedly fresh magazine.

Nick, who popped in and out of the kitchen with various trays of morning treats (including an exclusive Trends on Trends-inspired Egg in the Hole dish), and told us what drew him to the project. ‘I love the spirit of Brutal Magazine,’ he said, ‘I was so inspired by the conversations that I had with Annastine and Gheanna and wanted to find a way to express this through our breakfast at Morgenstern’s. It’s been really well received!’

Guests breakfasted on avocado toast with avocado ice cream, a breakfast sundae of apricot sorbet, yogurt and black sesame, and a salt and pepper bread pudding with beetroot and candied petals. Nick’s personal favourite on the Brutal Breakfast menu is, he told us ‘the Rice Porridge!! I love the cardamom with the black granola and chocolate!’

Brutal founders AnneStine Bae and Gheanna Emilia have made Morgenstern’s their morning home for the last month. Their Brooklyn-based magazine focuses on exploring food and fashion from a fresh, creative angle. ‘I would say it’s an art magazine centered around food.’ Gheanna explained, ‘But there’s a very editorial take on it.’ The magazine was scattered around the room for guests to flick through and get a feel for its quality and style. Each issue is themed, the current one entitled ‘celebration.’ With the help of Morgenstern’s, the second edition of Brutal will be released in the next few months, this time with the theme of ‘stripped.’ ‘For issue 2 we really wanted to focus on fashion stories. Our direction is heading towards becoming an art magazine that explores food and fashion.’ #breakfastclub guests dipped in and out of Brutal’s first issue, its lurid colours, artful photography and interviews with food industry luminaries providing some visual fodder along with the eye-watering menu.

And what of the location? Since its opening last year, bright, airy Morgenstern’s has quickly shown itself as the only place to pick up a scoop on the Lower East Side. With its monochrome tiled floors, royal blue washed exterior and glass counters lined with jarred caramel and coffee crisps, Morgenstern’s provided the perfect backdrop for #breakfastclub’s gathering. Nick told us that ‘The Parlor can act as a blank canvas for so many different kinds of events. It’s got qualities of the new and the familiar at the same time.’

There is a certain intimacy in gathering with strangers and friends over a meal that is ordinarily private or rushed. Whether guests dropped in on the way to work or lingered at the window seats with a bowl of porridge, #breakfast No.003 united a select group of creatives to discuss everything from new ventures, future plans and recent food experiences. #breakfastclub is testament to this ritual, bringing together like-minded people to enjoy innovative food in an informal setting. Plans were hatched, networks were created, and a LOT of sweetness was consumed. Here’s to another #breakfastclub event, third time’s a charm!

Lovely Words by: Megan Abbott & gorgeous Photos by: Issy Croker

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